Some services doesn't work


Today in the morning one of the biggest upstream provider in EUR had power problems. Two big datacenters were switch off, and half of European pages didn't work.
Some of our servers were also afected.
Now we are waiting to restore power.

9th Nov 2017
Technical problem on some EUR proxies - FIXED


We are faceing now a problem with one node with European proxies, the case was discovered in the night and the problem was reported to upstream.
As soon as the problem will be fixed we will let you know.
Of course we will compansate you lost time.
Sorry for any inconvenience.

13th Sep 2017
Trial packages - 10 proxies for 3 days

Remember, you can always ask for trial package to test our proxies.
For trial purpose we assign 10 proxies package for 3 days so will be able to check whether our service will meet your expectations.
In order to receive a trial package, you only need to send the request in our topic on BHW.

All the best!

8th Jun 2017
MassPlaner showing proxies not work

Hello. MassPlanner Team changed the way they are verifying proxies. In first place they send queries to the site which is not on our allowed list and that is way our proxies look like they do not work.But proxies are normally working, even if you see red text - proxy error. Just check your logs, and you will see that proxies are connecting ... Lees verder »

22nd Feb 2017
New packages! Cheap proxies for scraping!

How are you today? We hope you are at least as good as we are! Why are we in such a good mood? Reason is simple, today we would like to present you our new product - SCRAPE PROXIES.These are 3 different an flexible packages of proxies for scrape Google, Yahoo or Yandex in unbelievably low prices.And here are our new precious:So do not waste your ... Lees verder »

18th Nov 2016
Private Proxy for sale.

Welcome in our shop. We offer cheap private proxy that works with google, yahoo, facebook, snapchat, linkedin, youtube, wikipedia.VK.
Please fell free to browse our shop.
If you have some questions please do not hesitate to aske them.

4th Sep 2016